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I was absolutely thrilled to see four such amazing triple threat women own the stage! The powerful performances of Alex (Aleisha Rose Diloreto), Gloria (Shelby Cunliffe), Tess (Hayley Marsh) and (my personal favourite) Kiki (Rebel Bliss) were each so unique and sublime in their own way. I could go on for ages about the magnificence of each of these performers, but suffice it to say, their talents were truly a display of female star power and they complimented each other in a way that was empowering and exciting to watch.

Jessica Margaret Ham - Flashdance review

assisted by a supporting trio who match her in the intensity of her talent, in the forms of Rebel Bliss as Kiki, Hayley Marsh as Tess and Shelby Cunliffe as Gloria. These three powerhouses bring an unrivalled level of joy and passion to the production, and audiences may find themselves longing for their return long after they leave the stage.

William Davies - Stage Whispers - Flashdance review


Tim O'Connor - CEO Harvest Rain and Brisbane Academy of Musical Theatre

The two cheeky cats – Mungojerry and Rumpleteazer – were played by two girls (instead of a male/female pairing) – Rebel Bliss and Genevieve Tree. Their costumes were similar colourings suggesting they were of the same litter and with the choreography and their voices for their duet, it was simply so good.

Eric Scott - Absolute Theatre - Cats review

...special props to the cast who performed ‘Whipped Into Shape’ as well. I know how hard it is for me to run 3 kilometres around the block, let alone skip, sing and dance for a solid 4 minutes. You all deserved the audience appreciation that followed. ... and Rebel Bliss showed off her athleticism as Brooke Wyndham.

Outspoken Identity - Legally Blonde review

Murenec [Rebel] portrayed all of her emotion perfectly

Jai - Saturday Night Fever review

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